Give it away

Monday, Monday, I love that day, La La, la-la-la-la…

I’m working away, got a lot of phone calls and emails to engage today.

Just had a moment to connect with a friend from Los Angeles. She shared this: When you don’t FEEL hope, the best way to find it again is to give it away. Go give hope to someone and you’ll suddenly realize that you have more for yourself.

What?! Give what I don’t have?

There’s a story that brings to mind, of a woman and her son about to make a meal out of the very last little bit of flour they have. She’s accepted their fate, gonna make a final cake and then sink gracefully (or not) into death.

Man of God says to her, “make ME a meal first.” She does and then it turns out there’s more and more and more for her and the boy and they don’t die, and, cue happy music, they end up with more than they had, more than they need, more than they bargained for.

It’s just a story. It’s just a thought. Try giving hope to someone today.

See what happens.


Photo by Rory D Peters


Make it a great day!


Building a new site!

Photo by Zoe Pamintuan

Hi guys, Happy Easter!

I’m building a website today. I’ll be working on it every day for a while, so just stop by and see how it’s growing. It’s completely free to check out my writing and music and random bursts of inspiration. Stay tuned, maybe you’ll get some Joy or some Hope or some Love on you.