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Elowah Falls

Here is a question I received via email:

Dear Lennox,

How are you?

How was your Weekend?
Just wanted to say Hi and to ask you a favor.

What  can you tell me about the Kingdom of God?

Apart from Romans 14:17

“For the kingdom of God is not a matter of eating and drinking, but of righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit”.

Please Can you develop or give me your opinion or other references so that I can understand that.

Cause when the Bible said to seek the Kingdom of God First and the rest will be given to us. What God really means by to Seek Him First?

Is that simple to seek God?
I know that to be able to receive Jesus Christ in our life it is by Grace of God. It’s is a gift given to us. But to build that relationship with him what do I need?

Many Thanks

Have a lovely & Blessed week.

Here is the answer I sent:


I’ve had an amazing last couple of weeks. Just brilliant! I traveled to Texas one weekend and then to Canada the following weekend. Both of them were amazing trips filled with God’s Favor. I was blessed in huge ways with all kinds of lovely surprises. 
Several times, though, as I was traveling, you and your question came to my mind and I would pray for guidance to share my thoughts with you. 
I have Matthew 6:33 painted on a canvas and positioned in my bedroom so that it’s one of the first things I see when I wake up: “Seek first the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness…”
That’s my goal with my time and my energy and my abilities and my resources and my relationships, and with everything I am and everything I have–I’m seeking God’s kingdom. 
To seek something is to look for it. Now I think of that in a couple of ways.
1. Looking for it to recognize where it’s already happening. There are instances all around of God’s rulership and His sovereignty, His presence and His power, and sometimes all I have to do is look for them in order to spot them.
You know how our minds tend to see what we’re looking for? Sometimes you only see something when you begin to look for it. Maybe it was there all along, but at the point where it becomes important to you to find it, then all of a sudden you start noticing it everywhere. Like when I started dreaming of driving a Chevy Camaro, I began to see them everywhere. They were there before, but I didn’t see them until I was seeking. I think God’s Kingdom is like that.
2. Looking for it can also mean searching out ways to bring it where it currently is not. The Kingdom of God is a place where God’s Kingship is recognized and honored. In any place, a literal geographic location or a place in the mind, a pattern of lifestyle, a societal construct, where God’s rightful leadership is not honored, that is a place where Kingdom is not being observed, or not being observed fully.
After all, the entire universe is His domain, so really, it’s all His Kingdom, but there are places of rebellion, some from willful defiance, others from negligent ignorance.  I look at those places and try to find ways to bring awareness, value and honor to the reality that this too falls under the reign of the Supreme King. I invite and encourage change in those places so that we are more fully aligned with God’s Kingship. 
Thank you for asking such a great question. I suspect that I will discover more answers as I continue to ponder, but these two are my initial offerings. 
What does the Kingdom of God mean to you?



Houston, we have a solution!


Thursday, July 17, 2:37pm PST

As I type this I’m sitting  in the PDX international terminal, voted best Airport in America two years running by Travel and Leisure magazine.

The flight I was originally confirmed to board would have left PDX 17 minutes ago, but I’m still here waiting for a different flight with another airline. The original flight was canceled because it would have gone through Dallas/Fort Worth, and there’s some rough weather in that area so it was for safety reasons that the flight was canceled.

The alternative that was being offered was to leave PDX at 8:35pm, arriving Houston at 4:34am, which puts me in bed, best case scenario by 5:30, back up at 7:30 for my 9:00 am first meeting tomorrow.

Thankfully, the kind lady at the airline counter, made a phone call and came up with another option. My flight will board at 3:10pm, I have a plane change in Minneapolis, and we arrive in Houston at 12:30am, I can get 6 hours of sleep and be ready and alert in the morning. Ahh, that’s better.

I’ll keep you posted with photos and stories throughout the trip. Right now I’m going back to reading “Limitless Thinking.” 

See you in Houston.



Zeal for Life Challenge Completed!


I’m very pleased to have completed my Zeal for Life fitness challenge. My goal was to gain inches at the shoulders and define my abs. Both goals were accomplished, and something else happened! I formed habits over the past 90 days that are now part of my lifestyle and now I’m very excited to take on another challenge, so with only a weekend to celebrate, I’m starting the second challenge on Monday.

Here’s my video update:

New Life!


This is going to be one of those posts where I’m very transparent and I know some of you would rather I not share so much, but I also know that some of you like it when I do.

I’m feeling new life in two of my three dream categories. If you’ve been following me a while you know that my categories are Music, Money, and Marriage.

Musically, here’s what’s happening. I’ve re-connected with a friend from 20 years ago. I knew him when I was in college and he was 13 years old at the time. Now, two decades later, he lives in my tiny town (population 2500) and operates a professional recording studio. That’s where I recorded my recently released single Wings, and there’s more coming from Pyrate LLama Studios. What are the chances!! I feel set up to win!

I’m about to perform my first concert in almost 2 years. My farewell show was January 26, 2013. I meant to be done, not for a little while, but done. The term Sabbatical is what we’re using in hindsight. At any rate, on July 26, a couple weeks from now, I’ll play a concert in Vancouver BC at an SDA camp-meeting. I put the set-list together yesterday and remembered the excitement of planning a shared experience for an audience.

I’ve now led worship 4 times since coming back to music and I’ve been loving it, both spiritually and musically.


Regarding Money, also known as the measure of my value and relevance in the marketplace,  I am blessed with the progress I’m making as a marketer. I’m learning so much and partnered with two companies.

One is iLA(Inspired Living Application), a brilliant mobile app concept going through some growing transitions as we learn to execute the vision properly. I hope greatly for the future of this company. I get excited about changing lives through inspiration and hope. Today I was so very thrilled to visit our newly upgraded website, a  responsive  (meaning it adjusts to your mobile device’s screen size) site designed and created by the amazingly brilliant John Marr of Savage Apps. I’m honored to be affiliated with his genius!

I’ve also partnered with Zurvita (“The Risen Life”), an international marketing firm specializing in wellness products. I’ll be traveling to Houston next week for the company’s annual convention and there I hope to meet and learn from various leaders in the company and in the industry.

The more you learn, the more you earn.

I took Zurvita’s Zeal for Life Challenge, a 90-day challenge to be in the best shape of your life. Today is day 90. I am pleased with the results. Pleased but not satisfied. There’s more I want for my body in terms of strength and muscle definition. In the next few days I’ll post before and after pics from this challenge.

I’ll take a weekend off to enjoy and celebrate my accomplishments on the first 90-day challenge, and then I’m starting a new 90-day challenge next week, building on the foundation of the one that ends today. Next challenge will be about increasing width and strength in legs and shoulders.


That brings us to the third M-word, Marriage.

I got nothing…

When I think of that word, I have no dream.

This reminds me of the time I had no dream in Music and I set it aside, only to discover a new dream with new life a couple years later. Allowing my next steps to be informed by what has gone before, I simply placed the dead third dream in God’s hands, trusting that He will either give me a new dream or give me Peace to live without a dream in that area of my life.  As I was processing these thoughts in mid-June, I decided I would simply take the rest of the year off from thinking about it, and re-visit in the new year, a 6-month Hiatus, so to speak. Why not? TV shows do it all the time!

The other two dreams give me plenty of living to do. I have dared to suspect that my diligent passion for those two dreams just might contribute the needed spark for the third, but that’s just me speculating. For the next 6 months, it’s a thing I talk to God about in the secret place.