Rain, Sleep and Preparation


Gorgeous rainy Wednesday morning here in Oregon. I love the sound of rain. I love the feeling of slowing down and curling up.  I even slept an extra hour today.

I’ll be performing in concert this coming Saturday 6pm at Urban Grange coffee shop in Salem, so today and tomorrow and Friday are devoted to preparing for that. Lots of rehearsal with just me and my guitar, as well as time with my musical collaborators, Joshua Humlie, Marci Ehrhart, and Kohler Johnson.  I’ll do a few songs with each of them.

I’ve performed only once in the last 20 months, and that was in Canada. I’ve got to tell you about that weekend. It was incredible!!!

Anyway, before I get started on the music for my concert, I’m charting out the music that I’ll be leading on Sunday morning at Coast Hills Church in McMinnville. My relationship with this community has been growing steadily for  several years now and it seems like we may be moving to another level. So first I’ll get the worship music charted and sent to this week’s team, then I’ll get to play on my songs for Saturday.

Have a magnificent day wherever you are, even if it’s not raining!