The Depoe Bay Retreat



I haven’t named this warrior yet. You’ll be seeing pics of him everywhere, maybe all over the world! He was a birthday present from Sarnowski, who said, “This guy reminds me of you.” ¬†Yeah, thanks dude!!!

I’m at the WorldMark Wyndham in Depoe Bay Oregon. I’ll be checking out in about an hour. Two nights here, thanks to the amazing generosity of a friend. Thank you for sharing this amazing space, Aileen!

Here’s a quick update. Left my job at iLA on August 22nd. A few minutes later I got a contact from Becky at Coast Hills Community Church asking if I would consider being around there a bit more consistently. I interpreted the immediacy of that contact as God leading me toward the next opportunity, because mind you, I had no other thing lined up when I left my job. Now, I don’t recommend that as a usual way of doing things. It just worked this time and I’m convinced there were specific lessons hidden along the way for me to find and share.

I got into conversations with many of the leaders at Coast Hills, in groups and one on one, and those conversations led to a new beginning: As of November 1st, I’m on staff as Worship Pastor at Coast Hills. I’m sure there will lots of adventure and story to share.

Meanwhile, the Oregon Zeal Movement continues to grow. We had a blast taking a group of 6 down to the Regional Summit in Arizona mid-October!

Even on this retreat I got inbound calls from two loved ones who both inquired about Zeal. One is trying samples and the other is placing an order.

I am writing music again, and got parts of 3 different songs ¬†yesterday as I held my guitar and looked out at the ocean. I’ll be sharing one of those songs at worship this coming Sunday at CHCC. It’s based on Judges 6:14, which is the current color and texture of my life: “Go in the strength that you have. Am I not sending you?”

Have a great day! I love you guys!



p.s. I’ll upload more pics from this trip when I get back home. Time to check out.