Bury the Hatchet


Photo by Darlene Taylor


The phrase “bury the hatchet” means  ‘to make peace,’ referring to an actual, historical practice of Native American tribes who would bury their tomahawks upon agreeing to a time of peace.

The symbolism, I speculate, is that I am not only less likely to attack, but unable to attack once my weapons are not readily accessible. I can’t quick-draw a weapon that’s held fast within earth.

Properly done, I submit that this is not simply about the cessation of violence but the pursuit of trust and relationship.  This last week of the year is a time of evaluation for me, a time to consider whom I have caused offense during this year, and apologize to them, hoping they will accept my offer of peace.

From whom have I taken offense? Is that offense warranted, or simply an outburst of my pride? Is it possible to be truly un-offendable?

Earlier this year, I buried a hatchet with God, calling truce to a feud that had raged for 2 years at the time. I was offended with God’s lack of intervention in my life, his failure to deliver on His promises.

Offense can be taken only when we surrender trust. If I trust Him enough, then I know that even when circumstances make no sense to me, there must have been a higher reason beyond my perception, a deeper truth, a wider wisdom that He knows and I currently do not. Maybe I never will.

For me, the choice to bury the hatchet was prompted by the realization that I can choose either offense or trust; not both. This, I submit, applies to all our relationships: human, divine, animal, self…

I’m grateful to cross into 2015 without my hatchet. I will be packing an axe instead (that’ll be my guitar, Sheridan Marie).

With whom do you need to dig a hole and bury your weapons? If they do not show up to the meeting, are you willing to bury it on your own?


One love,



What a difference 12 months can make!


I’m listening to Mark Jarvis on a conference call right now, and he just said something that resonates so deeply with me: “What a difference 12 months can make!”

When you look back at the things you said and wished and wrote at the beginning of this year, how did you do compared to those goals in the year 2014? What will you commit to for 2015?

“The secret of living is giving! If you will go give somebody hope, somebody who is in your same type of situation, you will get your life back!” Another great gem. These are things I’ve heard before, but it’s so important to be reminded.

I took a day off today, and did simple things like split wood and light fire. I made music and beef stew, both of which I enjoyed immensely. I worked out. You know what? I work out every weekday now. It’s not something I have to talk myself into. It’s a habit now–it’s just what I do.  I’ve been thinking that in 2015 I’d like to add one new habit to my life each month. The first habit I’m looking to add is a consistent sleep habit. The other 11 habits will only be as effective as I am energized and sufficiently rested to perform.

You’re welcome to simply follow along as I add a habit a month in 2015, or if you wish, you can select a habit a month that you’d like to add to your own life.

Almost Christmas 2014!


My new christmas mis-matchers, love ’em. This year I’m getting so many socks as presents I may never have to buy socks again unless I just see a pair that’s an absolute must, because that does happen sometimes.

This year ends in 12 days. I’ll spend much of the next 12 days reflecting on 2014, evaluating how I measured up to the goals I set at the beginning of the year, deciding what stays and what goes, and setting goals for 2015.

This has been an amazing year. One of the major developments is that I’m a worship pastor again. It was one of my greatest joys to serve in this role at a church in Hollywood CA, a church we affectionately referred to as the “Purple Church.”

Now I’m serving at Coast Hills Community Church in McMinnville Oregon, and I love being back in this type of service. I hope that I’m a little wiser for the intervening years, and I hope that I come to this role with more value to add to the lives I touch.

Tonight we have a Candle-Light Christmas service, acoustic carols and group reading of scripture in the round, that is to say, facing one another as family. I do love that dynamic. I love my office. I love that as I sit here typing this I can hear someone strumming a guitar in the adjacent room. This building also houses the Humlie School of Music, so there are a total of over 200 musicians coming and going from these halls, and I get to hear all manner of beautiful sound, all day long!

I haven’t made any original music in the last 30 days, but that’s because I’ve been settling in to the role and into the office.
I’ll be getting back to my own music next week. There’s a live performance coming up at a Salem Coffee Shop in January. I’m confirming the date and then I’ll add it to the calendar. Did you see there’s a calendar on here now?

I’ll be in touch again before Christmas. Hope you have a brilliant weekend!

12/23/14 …  p.s. Here’s a link to photos from the Candle-Light Service we had on Friday night: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.885892421421586.1073741830.121648691179300&type=3

Heat For The Holidays

JoAnn’s been raising money for Heat for the Holidays for 15 years. I haven’t met her yet. She’ll be here shortly. Right now Amanda and I are the only ones in the South Store Cafe, other than the chefs who are making pastries back in the kitchen.

Amanda used to own this store. She built it up from idea to success over a decade and has since sold it, but tonight she’s back at her store to perform some of her original music and lead some Christmas caroling as a fundraiser for people who can’t afford to heat their homes at this cold time of year in Oregon.

Well, Equator-boy, (that’s me) is all in favor of heated homes. So yes, I’m happy to play the bass here and support this worthy cause.  Show starts in half an hour. I’ve been playing around here for the last hour with the new Macro lens that Darlene lent me yesterday. It takes shots like these:

I get to play the bass tonight! Big smile! Big smile!

12/9/14  p.s. I learned yesterday that over $3000 came in for that fundraiser! Awesome!!