Training Day


Wow! Wow! Wow! What a day! What an awesome day!

Slept in, then once I got up it was all systems go until right now, 11:18pm.

Training day, 4 different Zurvita Ambassadors skyped in from various locations around the country to talk to my team and and answer any questions they might have in respect to getting the movement started here in the state of Oregon. The 300 Lions Movement is under way. I’m very excited about that!!

Then this evening I was in training of a different sort.  I was second photographer at a wedding. I’ve never done that before.   Today Darlene trusted me to take extra shots or different angles at a wedding she was shooting. What a blast!!! So much fun. I took that shot up there at the top, and this one below as well.


Time to rest now. Leading worship at Coast Hills tomorrow, so up at 6:30.

Goodnight, friends!

Habit one of twelve


As I write this, it’s 10:42 pm, so there’s no chance of me getting to bed by 10:30 tonight. Habit one of twelve is that I establish a routine of sleeping 8 hours each night. It’s important, and I recently learned that lack of sufficient and regular sleep has been linked to heart disease.

However, I just got home about 20 minutes ago. Thursday nights are the designated rehearsal nights for the worship team I’m now leading. So how to work around since tonight it seems I’ll be getting to sleep around 11:30?

Well, for one thing, I slept for an hour  and  a half earlier today. And I’ll be doing the same tomorrow–getting a couple hours of sleep mid-day. I think given that music and music rehearsal often happens at night, and also given that I’m up every weekday morning at 6am, there will be a couple days when I’ll have to split my 8-hours of sleep into two blocks of time. Just problem-solving out loud here.

Another habit that I want to install this year is reading. I’ll be reading at least one book per month; some months more than one. Up this month is the book “How Successful People Think,” by John C. Maxwell.

So there you have it, habits 1 & 2: Sleep routine and One book per month.

10:59 pm now and time for me to read 15 minutes, and be off to lala-land by 11:30.

Other things on my mind for this year are to compose new music, lots of it. It’s a thing I didn’t make as much time for as I would have liked last year. As I looked at my year in review, I was pleased with many things and simply want to allocate more time to original music this year.  More on that a different day.

Are you up for adding a habit a month? It’s only the first day of January–there’s still time to pick a habit for this month and set it firmly in place during the remainder of the month. If you feel like sharing, I’d love to know what you picked.

Happy New Year to all, and to all a goodnight!