Learning New Music



photo by Sean Amlaner


Last week I traveled to Nashville, Tennessee, for 6 days.  Amazing time  with friends!! The central focus of the trip was the Zurvita National Conference and I was so blessed to be able to travel with a team, but this post is about my first love, music.

A few weeks ago General called me and said, “You’ve given me great tips and pointers for life and career, and I’m calling to return the favor. Who is someone you need or want to meet in order to move your music forward? What’s the name of the person you’d want to meet?”

Well I couldn’t remember his name at the time. I did recall that he produced Elizabeth’s album, Redemption’s Mystery, and he also produced a band called Jars of Clay, and what I liked about his work is that although Jars of Clay has a signature sound, Elizabeth’s record didn’t sound like anyone but Elizabeth. So I thought, if this guy can showcase a unique vocal and guitar combination with simple but effective embellishments, I’d love to see what he can do with my ideas.  But when General asked me the question a few weeks ago, I couldn’t remember the guy’s name.

On the way to the Portland airport as we were bound for Nashville, I asked Darlene to look up Elizabeth’s album and see who produced it. His name is Mitch Dane.

We landed in Nashville, and were greeted by Tasha, who actually made a welcome sign with all our names on it.


Next day I sent the following message to Mitch via Facebook: “Mitch, my name is Lennox. You produced Redemption’s Mystery with Elizabeth Busch. She’s a dear friend of mine. As soon as I heard her project I began to dream that one day I might have you produce me. I am a worship pastor at a church in Oregon, in Nashville for a weekend seminar. Seminar ends on Sunday afternoon.  I fly back to Oregon on Tuesday morning. If there’s any time on Monday that I could buy you coffee or lunch, I would be so honored. I would love to go tell my church that you would be willing to work with me and what level of funding that would require. It might take us a year to come up with it, but what if I was able to come back here and spend some time with you and do this thing!! I’m just dreaming here… The thing I’m asking is can I buy you a cup of coffee on Monday?”

When we sat down at Sputnik Studios on Monday, Mitch told me that he is hardly ever on Facebook. But he got my message and responded within the day and we did have a chance to meet.



I played three songs for him, two of them my originals creations. He liked what he heard enough to say that he’d enjoy working with me. He complimented my talent and creativity.

I have a goal to be back in Nashville next year and record a project with Mitch Dane. That adds another level of intensity to my WHY, and my reason for building my marketing business. It’s going to fund a record that I am passionate about. I also want to bring new music to the project, so I’m challenging my mind and spirit to come up with at least one new song per month between now and then.

3rd and 4th quarters of last year, I was so focused on work and ministry, that my own music was set aside. Now I’ve asked my inner circle to help mestay focused on my own music as well and to that end Kaylee now puts blocks of time on my calendar that are specifically designated for Music Creation.

Back to this moment–I played love songs last night at a Valentine’s Dinner, and I’m performing those same songs tonight at a concert venue nearby. It’s a step in the right direction, playing covers. It primes the pump, and adds musical ideas to my imagination. I enjoy playing someone else song through the filter of my experience, ability and technique.

Regarding the habits I set about to establish in 2015, I’m doing well on sleep, but travel disrupted my pattern so I’m getting back on that. Have read 2 books so far: How Successful People Think by John C Maxwell, and Becoming and Beholding, by Graham Cooke.  I intend to finish book 3 and begin book 4 in the next 14 days!

A regular time dedication to the pursuit of original music, that’s the next habit.

I hope you’re also pursuing the passions and activities that make you come alive.

Be blessed,