First Day of April


Book three complete.  I read the last 10 pages yesterday just so I could complete book three on the last day of the third month. I give only two thumbs up on this book simply because I do not have a third thumb to give; I would if I had it. It’s powerful, direct, and effective. It teaches the power of small but consistent changes that set you on course to greatness in whatever arena you select.

These principles apply just as easily to business as to a marriage relationship or a sporting endeavor. Whatever your definition of success, The Compound Effect is an excellent tool. Tracking is just one of the practices I’ve implemented from this book. Time, weight, activity, income… track whichever metrics will tell you where you are in relation to your goals.

I just started book 4: The Circle Maker by Mark Batterson.  If I simply read 8 pages a day, I’ll complete this book by the 27th of April.

Haven’t made time to blog because there’s so much happening. I can  find the time; I just have to be more deliberate in setting that time aside and using it effectively.

I’m envisioning a beautiful but very sad Good Friday service for this this week. We have a truly gifted crew of musicians and actors dwelling in a story of Disciples in Despair. We feel the hopelessness of the men and women who followed Jesus and left jobs and homes and families for him, only to be disappointed when rather than being exalted as the savior of the world, he gets murdered between thieves like a common criminal. So tonight we have a rehearsal for Friday night’s service and I am rather excited to walk among such talented storytellers.

Of late the questions in my heart are many, and I’ve noticed two that emerge frequently. One is about healing. We pray for healing and people still die, and what is that about? I hear stories of people being healed, yes even healed of the dreaded cancer. I’d like to visit these healing rooms in Redding to observe and to learn if I may.

The other question on my heart lately is how I might most effectively learn and grow as a leader. I am completely subscribed to the philosophy that if I can help many people get what they want, I will get what I want in due season. How do I become the leader that can empower hundreds and then thousands and then hundreds of thousands? My friend Shanon calls me “Man who leads many.” I’m listening for the ways I can walk more fully in that identity.

April is on! What are you up to? What will you accomplish and become in the next 30 days?