The Las Vegas Weekend


I’m somewhat recovered from a grueling drive to Las Vegas and back last weekend. Nine of us, 6 in one car and 3 in the other, drove 969 miles to Las Vegas to attend a one-day event, then drove the 969 miles back! We left at 8:30 on Thursday night and got back at 11pm Sunday night! What an amazing trip, and such fabulous quality time with friends. I’ve posted a photo album on Facebook of our adventure, so you can check that out if you like: CLICK HERE to view Album.

Now I’m back here in Oregon, excited about a new musical alliance that is forming. Abraham is a brilliant piano player and he’s also the pastor of the Spanish SDA church in McMinnville. He just walked into Coast Hills one Sunday, stayed after the service, introduced himself and let me know he’d been referred by a friend of mine from college.  Abraham and I have jammed once so far and it was delicious! Tonight he’s rehearsing with me for leading worship together at Coast Hills this coming Sunday!

Here’s a little bit of video that I shot at the one-day event in Las Vegas.  I really love Peter Nielsen’s heart and how much he cares to help people live a better quality of life:

Approaching Halftime

The old Macbook died a long, slow, painful death. It was frustrating to blog on that machine. I’m back, as I now have access to a new machine.

We had a fabulous team meeting today, then went for late lunch with Isaac and Zach. Our waitress was Julia, and she is amazing as a provider of customer service. She took the time to know each of us by name and refer to us by name at every subsequent visit to the table. She treated us like we were guests in her home. Props and recognition to Julia Schweizer at Golden Valley Brew Pub for brilliant service today!



I’m behind on my book reading. So far I have completed:

1. How Successful People Think

2. Beholding and Becoming

3. The Compound Effect

4. The Circle Maker

5. As A Man Thinketh (only 30 pages so to be fair, it’s a baby book!)

I’m 37 pages into Go Pro, by Eric Worre. So I’m not that far behind, but some of those books were such short books that I could easily have read 2 books that month. I’m definitely going to reach my goal of reading 12 books this year, but I’m actually raising that goal to 15 at this time since there are so many great books coming to my attention and I’m getting into a reading rhythm now. So I will finish this book, number 6, before next weekend and then look to complete number 7 by the end of June.

I also reached my weight goal!! 170!!! Excited about that!