Full Plate


At my most recent 3-day retreat, I considered the 5 main projects I have committed to, and experienced a brief moment of terror. I’ve taken on a lot. More than I can handle. More than I can out-smart or out-work. The only way all of this gets done is with a team and by the grace of God.  This is Great news, everybody! I cannot do all of this without becoming a better leader! And I can’t do that without becoming a better follower!

Isn’t that a sweet spot? When you’re facing challenges that are bigger than you are, you must rely on the power of God within, and the people of God without. The Power and the People. The People and the Presence. I can do all of this through Christ, and knowing that strengthens me. Routines count now more than ever. Waking up and seeking the Lord early in prayer and scripture and music, that’s foundational because there you’ll find both refreshing of energies and upgrade of heavenly strategies.

The desert of the real


“Welcome to the desert of the real.” It’s a quote from Morpheus in The Matrix, as he congratulates Neo on seeing reality clearly for the first time.

Do you wish you could be more real with people? Do you find there are unspoken rules in your circle of friends that prohibit you from sharing what’s really going on inside you? Are you afraid that if they knew what you’re thinking and feeling, they might ostracize you from the group?

What if you get a new group? What if you trade quantity of relationships for quality? What if you simply be you and let those who are attracted to the genuine article, take up your banner and journey alongside?

I bet you’d be surprised how many more people than you ever imagined will LOVE the YOU you’re holding back.

What’s your new year going to be like?

FullSizeRender (1)There are only 10 days left in this year! 2015 just sailed by!!

This is an excellent time to think about what you accomplished this year. Even more important than anything you achieved, who did you become? Are you better, stronger, kinder? Are you pleased with who you’ve become?

At the top of the year I created a list of things I wanted to do this year. As we approach 2016, I’m first creating a description of who I want to be, then building my lists of Dreams, Stages, Goals and Activities based on the Identity into which I’m living.

Here comes a fresh one, a year of new beginnings, a do-over.

Who do you want to be?