Off to an amazing start!

So much is happening, and so quickly! And I’m loving it. I am grateful for all the preparation of years past. Habits and routines are so helpful. I’m reading 10 pages a day because it’s a habit. I’m playing my guitar 10 minutes a day because it’s a habit. I’m not yet singing 10 minutes a day. Need to install that habit.

Application for the church venue for our wedding—submitted. They’ll get back to us next week.

New amazing music creation app released to the market. I’m not a part of the development or release. My function is to communicate with the fans of the app. Great launch, we had 40,699 downloads of the app worldwide this past weekend. It’s fun, and it lets anyone make EDM without experience or practice. EDM stands for Electronic Dance Music. I didn’t know what that was 4 months ago. Now, by a lovely stroke of grace, I’m part of a company that created this amazing app that empowers people to create, share and inspire!

Here’s where you can find #remix:

Meeting with the members of my worship team individually and as a group. Almost done with the book Taking People With You, which I will read again this year. It’s that important. I think I deserve to engage with these thoughts another time just to let them insinuate into my way of being and leading. Learning so much!

Concurrently reading The Five People You Meet In Heaven. The person you will be in 5 years is based on the books you will read and the people you surround yourself with today. I’ve come to see the truth and effect of this statement, and so I’m rather intentional about it.

Guard your associations and keep your goals in mind as you sort those associations into one of three categories: Deleted Associations, Limited Associations, and Expanded Associations.

Be rid of negative people.