I was present at this powerful moment.

February, 2016, San Antonio, Texas.  Awards Night at the Power of One Conference, approximately 3000 in attendance. The stage is on the left in this shot.  So why is everyone looking past the stage to the far right of the room?

In middle of the Award presentations, there was a medical emergency.  A lady collapsed over at the right side of the room. What happened next was incredible!

CEO Mark took the mic with him, walked off the stage and headed directly over there, staying completely calm and in control. He directed the crowd to back up and give space for the team of Doctors (our Scientific Advisory Board was in attendance) to help the lady and keep her comfortable until the EMT’s arrived.

Then the most amazing thing happened! Without any prompting or direction to do so, the entire crowd turned to the right like a squadron, extended their hands, and began to pray. It was an awe-inspiring sound, the sound of that many voices united in prayer. Some whispered, some shouted, some sang…

This went on for about 30 minutes.

The EMT’s arrived, to thunderous applause. The Awards Ceremony resumed.

I’ll always remember that time I watched 3000 warriors turn on the enemy and call on the name of Jesus!