About Me


Photo by Darlene Fleary

I was born in the Caribbean, in Saint Vincent.  We moved to Grenada when I was 8 and I lived there until I was 15, when I went to college in Napa Valley, CA, at Pacific Union College in Angwin.

I’ve always been fascinated by music. I can’t stop playing music because I hear it in my head and I have to play even if no one’s listening.

I live in Oregon now, in a tiny little town called Sheridan. That’s my dog Vegas in the picture. He died a couple years ago.  Now I’m a newly married husband (wedding 5/14/16) with 4 kids. I work from home as a worship pastor, professional network marketer, and songwriter, so I’m very much artistic and entrepreneurial by design.

I play guitar and bass. Bass is my favorite. I compose on drums and keyboard sometimes, just to get ideas flowing.

I love one on one conversation, and hiking. I’m a decent cook.

I blog into 5 categories, because these are the focus of my life and energy:

1. Worship Pastor

2.  New Husband

3.  Trust-based Daddy

4.  Network Marketing Professional

5.   Songwriter

The categories are not neatly distinct. They flow into one another; each feeds the other. I am one beloved son of God!

Joy, Love, Music, Hope — We did not come here to just survive