Last Saturday morning I happened to catch a video from Coach Peter Nielsen about the benefits of using KettleBells. I was intrigued at his challenge to switch up my exercise program so that my body would be taken off-guard instead of settling into a routine of diminishing returns.

Tried it. Loved it!!

KettleBell swings are one of the best ways to burn fat, and fat-burning is definitely one of my goals for these next 90 days!

Coach Peter is launching a new Transformation contest in October. My goal is to end that contest at #170ripped. I’m getting a running start on that. Or a ¬†swinging start. One way or the other, I’m getting a start. You can too, if you wish…

More information at

As usual, sweet prizes on the line, not to mention a better version of you. Look your best and feel great!



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