This is my opportunity

Network marketing isn’t easy. It’s a simple concept but it takes time and tenacity to win in this business. You have to grow and change in order to rise and inspire. I love who I have become in the last two years!

I am a husband, a father, and a network marketing professional. I am putting in the work and I am learning skills that allow me to call greatness out of myself and other people.

Never stop learning; never stop growing.

Be more so you can share more. There is so much in me that I want to share with the world. I love photography, and cooking, and travel, and my wife and kids, and meeting people, and music, and reading. There’s so much to experience, when you have the time and the money to enjoy it.

Zurvita is my opportunity to have that freedom. We are close to that goal, we are moving steadily in the direction of our dreams. You have to take ownership of the opportunity that is yours. Own it, and go to work!

I love what the Cannon family is able to do because of the network marketing industry. That’s gonna be us, the Fleary Family:

See You Laters

Mom, Dad and Sister flew home yesterday. Sis and I managed to squeeze in a bird-watching walk at Baskett Slough before lunch and departures.

There were a lot of bike riders on the roads today. Annual Reach The Beach fundraiser ride for the American Lung Association. What a great thing to see so many people out there pedaling for a cause! What a wonderful world!

Lincoln City Beach

I took my mom and dad and sister to the coast today, to Lincoln City Beach. We walked on the sand for a while, climbed a rock, looked at a few shells and then headed back home. We only spent about half an hour there, and it was very important time.

Train Two Teams at Once


We have a guest worship leader at CHCC this week, Megan English and her sister Lindsay, both excellent musicians, with a beautiful vocal harmony that comes from spending years together.

Tonight before rehearsal she gave a 20 minute teaching from 2 Cor 3:16. To worship is to turn your face toward God and when you do so, any veil/facade/mask you might be wearing is removed and you step into the promise of verse 17, the freedom found in His presence. Where the spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom (2 Cor 3:17)

The team for Sunday did a marvelous job getting the songs together. We also tried something new this week. Everyone else who is not on Sunday’s team, formed an offstage team that rehearsed together unplugged and acoustic at that the same time as the team that was onstage and plugged in. Megan’s directions were followed by both teams so in essence, two teams were being trained at the same time.

This is effective and efficient. Good idea. We’ll keep doing that.

Ring on my finger


It’s a nice hefty ring. If I drop it just right, it makes a dull thud quite like the ring of power from Lord of The Rings. Darlene’s been wearing her’s since the day I proposed, because it doubled as an engagement ring and a wedding ring. But I didn’t get my ring until she put it on my finger on stage during our wedding last Saturday.

Speaking of wedding, they told me I’d be nervous, but that’s not at all what happened. We both had a lot of fun! It was a beautiful time and space, thanks to so many wonderful people pitching in. The music was elegant and perfect, thanks to Kristin and Kohler; the room was magnificent thanks to Erica and Danae and borrowed decor from Missi. I don’t even know who all contributed to that magical time. There was Allen who officiated, and Michael and Pat running sound, and the whole cleanup crew from CHCC, Jim Cook, We Three who played one song for us and then dashed away to provide music at another wedding in Newberg. Darlene’s amazing high-school friends slaved in the kitchen with desserts for our guests. Rachel did a masterful job coordinating timelines and logistics. There was so much love and support. We are grateful to the Kings and Warriors who came and stood with us as we spoke our vows. That was a truly powerful moment for me. We are grateful to the dancers and the clapping throng. Some of you flew in from another state to spend 2 hours with us and share a 5-minute connection. Thank you, each and everyone. 

I could not be any happier than I am to wear this ring. I could not be more proud or more grateful. In the 5 days since, something is definitely different. Darlene’s been my best friend for the past 8 years, but something is really different now. Not just sex. Talking about a shift in the way we relate to one another, a new sense of purpose and destiny, a new way of standing together in God’s presence. It’s amazing! I feel a quickening with the ratification of this Alliance. Things that would have taken years will be accomplished in months. Acceleration and Increase. Provision, Abundance and Favor. Joshua 1:8 — Be strong and courageous for you will distribute the land I swore to their fathers to give to them as an inheritance.

Our honeymoon has been a time of rest and preparation. Today we return to our lives with a heightened sense of vision and mission. Living was always going to be hard work. Now a new element of delight comes into focus. It’s still going to be work; but fun too!! Because two are better than one!

300 Lions


Eyes glowing in the dark. Silhouettes padding silently through the brush. I see them emerging from the woods. They step into the sunlight, and I watch their eyes adjust to the brightness.  With an air of keen interest, they scan the field in which I’m standing.  Their eyes light upon me and an interesting mix of curiosity and recognition spreads across their majestic faces. One by one, they begin moving toward me, and I am overwhelmed with a sense of awe and wonder. Lions command respect, no matter who you are. I am not their lunch; I am their leader.

Two years ago, I began to visualize this scene, the approach of 300 Lions. I was reading from Judges 6, where God calls Gideon to win an impossible victory against superior numbers.  God selects a small band to go against forces too numerous to count and with only 300 warriors, God defeats the long-standing oppression of an entire nation.

I believe God is sending 300 leaders to spread the word of hope that comes from better health and stronger finances. The company we represent is God-honoring, quickly successful, and poised for international explosive growth.

Zurvita, the company’s name, is a latin word that means “a higher way of living.” Five years after introducing its Zeal for Life nutritional beverage, the company gathered $80 Million in revenue in 2015. We are on track to $100 Million this year. Do your own research. The company website is

If you are in the vicinity of McMinnville, Oregon, you are invited to learn more at one of our regular weekly Zeal parties. It’s a fun, no-pressure environment with positive forward-thinking individuals. If you are further away, you can receive information via text and video.

I’m calling for the 300 Lions to come forward.  I am ready to lead. Much like Gideon, not because of who I am, but because of who God has called me to become.  We have much to do, major contributions to make for the people and families that we love. We will help thousands!

Contact me at 323-371-9455 for information.









I was present at this powerful moment.

February, 2016, San Antonio, Texas.  Awards Night at the Power of One Conference, approximately 3000 in attendance. The stage is on the left in this shot.  So why is everyone looking past the stage to the far right of the room?

In middle of the Award presentations, there was a medical emergency.  A lady collapsed over at the right side of the room. What happened next was incredible!

CEO Mark took the mic with him, walked off the stage and headed directly over there, staying completely calm and in control. He directed the crowd to back up and give space for the team of Doctors (our Scientific Advisory Board was in attendance) to help the lady and keep her comfortable until the EMT’s arrived.

Then the most amazing thing happened! Without any prompting or direction to do so, the entire crowd turned to the right like a squadron, extended their hands, and began to pray. It was an awe-inspiring sound, the sound of that many voices united in prayer. Some whispered, some shouted, some sang…

This went on for about 30 minutes.

The EMT’s arrived, to thunderous applause. The Awards Ceremony resumed.

I’ll always remember that time I watched 3000 warriors turn on the enemy and call on the name of Jesus!



A Puzzle with No Picture


Sage brought home a jigsaw puzzle in a ziploc bag. 1500 pieces. No picture. I haven’t done a puzzle in years.  For some reason I was drawn to the challenge of building without a picture to follow.

It’s an effective metaphor for the major adventures in my life right now. I’m getting married, becoming a father, leading a worship ministry, building a network marketing business, contributing to a phone app team with a potential hit on our hands, and somewhere in the middle of all this, negotiating my journey as a man and a musician. Every single day now, I rely on the reminder at the top of my bathroom mirror: “I am a beloved son of the Most High.”

Uncharted territory, story of my life. I asked God to lead me where my trust is without borders, and that is exactly what He has done. I have no maps for any of these adventures. These aren’t just do or die situations — these are trust or die opportunities!

Here are 3 things I learned in the process of completing this puzzle:

1. Take Inventory. What do you have? The first thing we did was flip every piece right side up, and look for all the edges. In other words, find pieces with a common feature and create a framework from those. When you don’t have a picture of the thing you are building, start by looking at what you have to work with.

2. Pay attention to the combinations that emerge. Those combinations inform the larger picture. The first combination we found is the fish that looks like Nemo. Finding that alerted us to the idea this was an underwater scene and then we began to imagine what it might be.

3. Enjoy the process. Celebrate each new connection you find. It occurs to me that finding 1500 connections that fit, can completely change your life, but it’s not likely you’ll find them all at once. More likely is that you’ll find one or two or three at a time. Celebrate each one.  Every connection expands your picture and helps you connect to the next piece you’re looking for, whether you know you’re looking for it or not.

Off to an amazing start!

So much is happening, and so quickly! And I’m loving it. I am grateful for all the preparation of years past. Habits and routines are so helpful. I’m reading 10 pages a day because it’s a habit. I’m playing my guitar 10 minutes a day because it’s a habit. I’m not yet singing 10 minutes a day. Need to install that habit.

Application for the church venue for our wedding—submitted. They’ll get back to us next week.

New amazing music creation app released to the market. I’m not a part of the development or release. My function is to communicate with the fans of the app. Great launch, we had 40,699 downloads of the app worldwide this past weekend. It’s fun, and it lets anyone make EDM without experience or practice. EDM stands for Electronic Dance Music. I didn’t know what that was 4 months ago. Now, by a lovely stroke of grace, I’m part of a company that created this amazing app that empowers people to create, share and inspire!

Here’s where you can find #remix:

Meeting with the members of my worship team individually and as a group. Almost done with the book Taking People With You, which I will read again this year. It’s that important. I think I deserve to engage with these thoughts another time just to let them insinuate into my way of being and leading. Learning so much!

Concurrently reading The Five People You Meet In Heaven. The person you will be in 5 years is based on the books you will read and the people you surround yourself with today. I’ve come to see the truth and effect of this statement, and so I’m rather intentional about it.

Guard your associations and keep your goals in mind as you sort those associations into one of three categories: Deleted Associations, Limited Associations, and Expanded Associations.

Be rid of negative people.

Full Plate


At my most recent 3-day retreat, I considered the 5 main projects I have committed to, and experienced a brief moment of terror. I’ve taken on a lot. More than I can handle. More than I can out-smart or out-work. The only way all of this gets done is with a team and by the grace of God.  This is Great news, everybody! I cannot do all of this without becoming a better leader! And I can’t do that without becoming a better follower!

Isn’t that a sweet spot? When you’re facing challenges that are bigger than you are, you must rely on the power of God within, and the people of God without. The Power and the People. The People and the Presence. I can do all of this through Christ, and knowing that strengthens me. Routines count now more than ever. Waking up and seeking the Lord early in prayer and scripture and music, that’s foundational because there you’ll find both refreshing of energies and upgrade of heavenly strategies.