The 6 Basic Fears


I just finished reading a book that one of my mentors assigned to me. Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. It’s almost 11pm and my body is tired, but my mind is fired up! I’m thinking about what 2017 will hold for me and my teams.

Near the end of the book, in chapter 15, Hill describes the 6 basic Fears:

The fear of POVERTY

The fear of CRITICISM

The fear of ILL HEALTH


The fear of OLD AGE

The fear of DEATH

As he goes on to highlight some of the symptoms of these basic fears, I see the traces and footholds of fears I had not previously recognized. Once the light is shone upon a fear, you are now empowered with the choice to allow that fear a continued grip on your life-force, or you may eradicate it with the application of truth.

It is time that I must rest for the adventures of tomorrow, but I would not be surprised if I experience and remember vivid dreams this evening. I cannot wait to set about the work of freedom that comes with the dawn.

Today is the 7th Mensiversary of our marriage, and I am pleased to have married my best friend. The Alliance is strong and we are in for an abundant 2017, God willing. I believe Him to be, quite so.

God rest ye, Merry Gentlemen. Let nothing you dismay!

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