The Anaheim Weekend


This past weekend we traveled to Anaheim, California and attended the 2017 Zurvita Success Summit, only a couple thousand yards from Disneyland. Part of the cost of this opportunity was missing out on the wedding of very dear people who are so very important to us.

You become who you hang around. I don’t have millionaires and Kingdom leaders around me every single day but I am learning the power of proximity. We catch every opportunity to get close to the people we admire, collect their thoughts, get on their radar, see them and be seen by them, learn how they think, “get our minds right,” as Brad put it.

This was an amazing trip, no doubt about it. I faced and dealt with some deep-rooted shame, which I can now recognize and articulate because of the work of Brene Brown. More to come on that in another post.

We arrived in Anaheim on Thursday, checked in to our hotel and then headed for the address that was given in our email as the location for the Preparation meeting for Friday’s Feed 500. As Darlene read the address aloud, I thought it sounded familiar and we realized it was Brad’s house. So of course we were very excited to see this amazing dream home and reconnect with Zurvita family that we haven’t seen in a while. I attended national convention in Houston 6 months ago, and Darlene stayed home on that trip, so it had been a year or longer since she’d seen some of the friends we got to reconnect with on Thursday night. Maxwell’s Law of Environment was in full play that evening as we spent time with the leadership of the company learning more of the story behind the formation of Zurvita back in 2008.

Friday after Feed 500 we both felt humbled at how blessed we are. It was a hot day and we couldn’t wait to get back to the car and turn on the air conditioning. We had no sooner expressed it, than we realized the people we had been delivering lunches to, have no air conditioning. It’s just a strong dose of perspective and a screaming call to gratitude. We were also struck by the Defiant Hope of some of the residents of tent city. One tent was enlarged with poles and tarps to include a garden space, beautifully designed and manicured. To plant a garden and nurture a garden when you are living in tent and tarp, that’s someone who has not surrendered their hope or gratitude. They have joy enough to give to others. I certainly did smile with joy at the creativity of the coconut-head man ­čÖé

Saturday’s Success Summit was powerful, packed with stories and news. After being in business 9 years Zurvita will be debt-free and completely self-owned by the end of this year. That’s something to be proud of, and also we are very excited to see what new directions will follow that amazing accomplishment.

Darlene and I are on track to win a company trip. We’re also on track to a 6-figure income with┬átime freedom and of course we couldn’t be happier than to do this in the context of a company so closely aligned with our values.

I picked 20 favorites from our photos of the weekend and put them in a gallery below.


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