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We’ve had a great summer. My daughter has owned more and more of my heart as days go by. Today is day #479 of the Alliance and it’s also her first day of 8th grade.  I was given the great honor of driving her to school this morning!

Of course there are challenges that come with parenting a teenage girl, even if you were in her life from the beginning. When you’re stepping in at her 12th year, there are so many attitudes and mindsets that have already settled, so many beliefs that have already taken hold, some good and some not so. There’s much to learn, unlearn, and relearn.

To be completely frank with you, it’s scary and hard sometimes. I’ve always been interested in personal development, and lately I am learning a lot about leadership. The first and most important leadership assignment I carry is to lead myself in a way that is worthy of being followed.

Sometimes as a leader, you have to question patterns that were solidly entrenched before you got here. You have to lead yourself by the path of “Calm is Strong” at times when you would rather let your emotions lead you. You have to initiate crucial conversations that would be much easier to avoid. If we don’t have those conversations, we are not doing our job as protectors. We get to nudge (because love does not control) the trajectory of young leaders as they set their course in life.

This one’s a leader, a firecracker. I love her fiery spirit and insatiable joy! I’m stretching to be a good leader to her and for her, because that’s part of my mission. She keeps me following Jesus, because I’ll have to be a great follower in order to lead this one! Chuck Pattishall says the art of leadership is really the science of follower-ship. Those on step 4 follow those on step 5, who are following those on step 6.

One of my great motivations to grow consistently is that there are more people following me now, and some of them live at my house.

Maybe someday I’ll be famous outside my house. For right now, my goal is to be famous at home.

Are you feared or trusted by those you lead?

Are you loved AND respected?

Are you a super-hero at your house?

What do you have to do or become for that to be the case?


Best to you today!

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  1. Your daughter is full of great things….may God grant you the “tools” needed to be one of her finest leaders…..☺

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